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Lieutenant Stephanie Holden
"The Smart One" 
Baywatch: 3rd through 7th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1996-1997)

Name: Stephanie Holden
Sex:  Female
Age: Introduced at 26
Posture: Great!
Appearance: Confident, strong, pleasant
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Hazel
Height/weight: 5 ft. 10 in. Tall/N/A
Class: Middle Class
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
Occupation: Lifeguard; trainer    
Education: College 
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home Life Growing Up: Grew up as an army brat along with her other younger 4 sibblings. 
Residence: Before her death it was Los Angeles, CA 
Marital Status: Was married before her death to Tom, a medical doctor. He was left a widower.
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Parents: Mother was a homemaker/Father was in the Military.   
Children: None
Siblings: 4; One sister, Caroline followed in her footsteps to become a lifeguard and then on to acting. 
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: Cared about people and wanted a full-time career that displayed that.   
Hobbies/Interests: Boating; Diving; Improvement; Jogging; Learning; Lifeguard competitions; Rafting; Rowing; Surfing; Swimming; Water Sports.
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within the context of a relationship. Was more romantic than sensual.      
Personal Premise: Everyone deserves a chance.  
Ambition: To live happily ever after with Tom Morella. Continue on with her career as a lifeguard and help make the sands safer.
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Leaving Baywatch after her romantic relationship with Mitch Buchannon. Leaving him a note and not saying goodbye in person. She was still married to husband Billy-only separated. She didn't tell Mitch that. Mitch was deeply hurt and displayed bitterness toward her when she received a promotion and was assigned at Baywatch Headquarters.
Still being in love with Mitch Buchannon. It was hard working with him and not have things as they were before she had suddenly left Baywatch. She had to be satisfied as a close friend. Even after she met and fell for Tom Morella, a doctor.
When her sister Caroline fell for Logan Fowler. The guy was a player and used women before disgarding them. He always gave them the "ring on a rope'" story when he dumped them. Stephanie saw through him and thought that Caroline would be a better match for Matt Brody. Caroline preferred and went after bad-boy Logan.
Her trying to threaten Logan with sending him back to Austrailia because his visa was about to expire. She was the only person who could keep him there with a strong recommendation and signing of papers. He told Caroline and she told Stephanie that if he left, she would go with him. Stephanie gave in, not wanting to lose her sister. She had to sit in the background to watch disapprovingly as Logan used her sister.
When Billy came to Baywatch out of the blue to try to win her back. He whined and pined and although it was hard for her, she didn't want to continue a relationship with him. They were now divorced and it was to remain that way. 
Temperament: She was happy, bright and luminous. She commanded respect. She didn't expect more of anyone that she didn't expect of herself. Was a class act. Her heart was always as warm as the sun shining on a perfect day. Her smile was always welcoming. Loved people and being around them. Kept law and order, by being willing go out of her way to help. She gave her all to the job and was loyal to her family and friends.
Attitude Toward Life: Always looked on the bright side of things even when they went bad. Don't dwell on the past or on things that don't go your way. Find a way to learn from the experience and do it better the next time. 
Life cannot be replaced. You have to embrace and protect it. Family and friends are most important. You don't know when you will lose your loved ones.      
Complexes: Was still in love with Mitch Buchannon even though she knew that he was still in love with his first wife Gayle. The guy just can't seem to let go of her.  
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert/Absolutely loved people and loved being around them. She was happy around them and it showed.  
Abilities: Was extremely skillful water and rescue skills; ability to think about the situation and best rescue method while in pursuit of the victim. Was highly respected by her peers and charges. Easily gained trust of victims and kept them calm until safely rescued. Gave orders in a comprehensive way so that everyone knew what role they had.    
Qualities: Brainy; brave; charming; competitive; confident; cute; dedicated; dependable; driven; fair; flexable; forgiving; fun loving; genuine; giving; graceful; happy; helpful; listener; loving; loyal; luminous; patient; protective; reasonable; romantic; sensitive; skillful; stern; supportive; thinker; trusting; winner.
I.Q.: High


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