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Neely Capshaw II
"The Bad Girl"
Baywatch: 6th through 8th Seasons (1995-1996 through 1997-1998)

Name: Neely Capshaw
Sex: Female
Age: Introduced at 22 (Now 29)
Posture: Great! Beautiful, blonde sexy head turner 
Appearance: Confident, strong, pleasant, not as she appears to be most of the time.
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height/weight: 5 ft. 9 1/2 in. Tall/120 Pounds
Class: Very Upper Class while she was living at home. Upper Middle Class (later to middle class when she was on her own and got a job to earn her own living). Neely is from an old money family. In the beginning, she had an aunt who was extremely fond of her. She owned a string of buildings and gave her a break on her rent.
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck, Fancy sports car
Occupation: Lifeguard; Trainer   
Education: College to please her family.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home Life Growing Up: Did not have a close relationship with her parents because they could not trust her. She was a spoiled whiner and grew up deceitful.   

However, Neely did manage to charm one person in the family. She had an aunt who was extremely fond of her. Neely took advantage of that and got everything she wanted. 
Residence: California, where she managed to get her job at Baywatch back after losing it twice. She stays there because Mitch Buchannon, her ex-husband works there. 
Marital Status: Single (divorced); had married twice. Had broken up with both husbands. From first husband Peter, who had shown up at her tower to try to woo her into giving their relationship another try. Their union produced an infant daughter named Ashley. From second husband, Mitch Buchannon, who was the biggest catch on the beach. Mitch dumped her because she "tricked" him into marying her. She needed a husband and a father for her daughter.    
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Parents: N/A. Mother had no time for Neely/Father was always busy and did not see much of her.    
Children: 1 daughter, Ashley (Peter is the father)
Siblings: 1 sister, who was manic depressive.  
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: In the beginning, it was just to have a job to make a living. The hours were flexible and she thought that she could hide her drinking problem. As she stayed on the job, she learned what teamwork was about and developed a true desire to help and protect beachgoers.    
Hobbies/Interests: Con-games; Boating; Diving; Jogging; Learning; Lifeguard competitions; Rafting; Rowing; Surfing; Swimming; Water Sports.
Sex & Moral Standards: Before she became a part of the Baywatch team, she constantly moved from one bad relationship to another. Sexually active within the context of a relationship. Dressed in a very sexy manner. Didn't have any respect for herself or anyone else.
Neely had a drinking problem. She hung out with a group of bikers and displayed bad behavior. She loved to manipulate others to get what she wanted. Has great acting skills to display the type person that she wanted others to see at any given moment.
Later, a couple of things about her changed. In effort to become a good girl type, she overcame her drinking problem to become a part of the team. She reasoned that you couldn't work without a clear head in performing rescues or watching the beach. She gave up her biker friends and tried to make new, healthier ones at Baywatch.
While giving her broken relationship with her ex-husband Peter another try, she became pregnant with Ashley. She did not tell Peter about Ashley. Not wanting to reveal that she had gotten pregnant, Neely took the time off she needed from the job by using a vacation ski trip in Aspen as an excuse and gave birth. The birth was hard and she had to take pain killers. She became dependant on them. She had to use other lies to cover up the first. Unfortunately, her lies caught up with her. Returning to Baywatch turned out to be another story. Since she decieved everyone and covered up the pregnacy and prescription drug dependency, she knew that an exam was a part of the process to requalify as a lifeguard. The pills would show up in the blood test. She quit her training and got a job at the Sand & Sea Club as a lifeguard. 
Her drinking problem was the reason why she framed Matt Brody. A little girl in the water needed help. Neely was nowhere to be found. She had scrunched down unseen in her tower drinking while Matt, who was stuck sharing a tower with her, went to the girl's rescue. Neely finally finished and went out to join Matt. He could smell the liquor. After the girl came to, Neely asked if he was going to tell on her. Matt didn't say one word, as he knew what he was going to do. When Matt told Mitch, Neely went into her act claiming sexual harrassment. Crying and stating that Matt tried to hit on her and when she told him "no," he tried to kiss her. While an investigation was underway, Matt was suspended while C.J and Mitch found a way to clear Matt. Neely had no remorse over what she had done. She wanted to cover up the drinking problem. C.J. and Matt had a display at the eatery and accused Matt of cheating on her with three women. C.J. sat in at a table almost in tears. Neely found the witness she needed to help her in court. Buying two beers, she sat at the table and tried to con C.J. into siding with her in the effort to sue Matt and Baywatch. C.J. went into her sob story and Neely brought up the lawsuit. Neely made the mistake of trying to get C.J. to press charges against Matt for sexual harrassment. C.J. said that Matt didn't. When Neely said that it didn't matter whether it was true or not, and admitted that she lied, that was when C.J. put down the beer and told her that she was done and so was she. C.J. had held up a little tape recorder with her confession. Neely knew that she had been defeated and was soon fired. Matt returned to work to have his reputation ruined. He could never really shake off the lies. 
A year later Neely returned to Baywatch, as the decision was overturned. Neely made a deal with the upper brass that she would drop the lawsuit provided she could come back to Baywatch. Mitch was not with this decision. He wanted her to stay out seeing what she did to Matt. Neely and Matt were forced to work together. C.J. did not like that one bit fearing that she would try to frame him again. 
Later Matt left Baywatch. He could not work with Neely. She ruined the reputation that he was trying to put back together. But Matt had won in the end because no one trusted Neely. She whined to Mitch that Lt. Stephanie Holden, who controlled the scheduling, would not give her a tower. Neely was kept safely on switchboard. Mitch told her that she would get her chance and had to earn her way at Baywatch. Because of Neely's wicked ways, Stephanie referred to her as being the "black sheep" at Baywatch.
Personal Premise: You can get anything you want from anyone if you know how to manipulate them.
Ambition: To secure her place at Baywatch, make trouble for Mitch and make sure that he does not get involved with another woman. She wants Mitch back and will do any outlandish thing to get him. 
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Mitch and the other lifeguards getting taken in by a Stephanie Holden clone. She was the only one who saw through the act. Mitch fell in love with her and was going to marry her in Hawaii. He had given the woman his mother's ring-the very one that she had to give back to Mitch. And she couldn't have that! Neely wanted that ring to come off Allison's finger.
Mitch not believing her confirmed facts and warnings concerning Allison. He found out for himself and confronted her only to find out that she was involved with an old enemy Mason Sato, who had planned revenge.
Mitch to dismisses her presence. He did not want her near him. She once had his trust and would never have it again. He had made it clear that there was no chance of them ever getting back together. Unfortunately, Neely had brainwashed herself into not believing it.
Her split from Mitch. She had deceived him and stated that Peter was living in Alaska. During the trip, she went to see her ex-husband to tell him about their daughter. It was discovered that he was married with a baby boy and Neely didn't have the heart to tell him about Ashley. The two had eyes for each other and got married on the cruise. The fairytale ended when Mitch found out that she had "tricked" him into marrying her. After their separation when she tried to discredit him and ruin his reputation. She seemed bent on destroying him for breaking off the marriage leaving her with no husband or a father for her baby daughter. She just will not go away.
Temperament: Has an inner anger about her. She loves helping people, but causes havoc in the lives of those she know and love.     
Attitude Toward Life: It doesn't matter if you treat people badly because they will excuse it and forgive you anyway.    
Complexes: Had trouble keeping a romantic meaningful relationship.
Extrovert/Introvert: A mixture of both. Extrovert/Loved people and loved being around them. Loves helping them. Introvert/Does not display who she really is. Hides behind an invisible mask. 
Abilities: Extremely skillful at con games. Skillful at hiding who she is and displaying only who she wants others to see. Really knows how to do a scene, using her surroundings as center stage. Very deceitful and shows no remorse for any outcome. 
Lifeguard abilities are just as good. Excellent swimmer and is fast in the water. Uses quickness to her advantage. Knows how to calm a victim. Adaptable to work as part of a team or alone.     
Qualities: Brainy; brave; competitive; con-artist; confident; dedicated; deceitful; defiant; dependable; disgusting; driven; emotional; fearless; flexable; fun-loving; helpful; hot-tempered; lier; poison; schemer; sensitive; skillful; snake; stubborn; thinker; trickster.
I.Q.: Average