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Cody Madison
"The Swimmer" 
Baywatch: 6th through 9th Seasons (1995-1996 through 1998-1999)

Name: Cody Madison
Sex: Male
Age: 26 (introduced at 22)
Posture: Great
Appearance: Handsome, stunning beach boy type; sexy, strong and athletic; muscular; well sculpted muscles and abs. Sports a beautiful smile. A real head turner.   
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height/weight: 5 Ft. 11 inches tall/175 pounds  
Class: Middle Class
Transportation: Usually a bike so that he can stay in shape.
Occupation: Lifeguard; Inventor
Education: College on a swimming scholarship; Lost it when he became injured.
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Home Life Growing Up: Grew up as a down to earth mid-western farm boy. Athletic and had a gift for swimming. He had a small, close family. 
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Single  
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Parents: Deceased (died in car accident as stated in his first season-the 6th)/But writers brought them back to life in error having him visit his parents when J.D. came into the picture to share the apartment. 
Children: None
Siblings: None 
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: Was a great swimmer and had lost his parents in a car accident. Stephanie Holden was training some little ones in the pool and suddenly caught herself staring at Cody Madison, who was training in a swimming lane on another side of the pool. She was so impressed with his ability and speed that she talked him into joining Baywatch. She skipped the qualifying procedure and immediately placed him in Rookie School. She personally trained him. 
He found that lifeguarding was for him. He quickly learned of its importance and a lot of training procedures. Also impressed with Mitch Buchannon's record. He became one of Baywatch's best lifeguards.  
Used his technical skills to invent the Wind Jet, which is a speedy lifeguard boat with two wave runners housed on the back. He shared the copyrights and royalties with Baywatch.     
Hobbies/Interests: Keeping his girlfriend; Saving Lives; Swimming; Water Sports; Lifeguard Competitions
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within the content of a serious, meaningful relationship. Over the years has grown more romantic than sensual.  Has developed into someone who wants to keep a meaningful relationship with hopes of marriage and children. He even proposed to C.J. Parker. 
Personal Premise: Let your strong dreams lead the way. 
Ambition: It was to make the US Olympic Team and compete. To give 100 percent toward lifeguarding. 
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: An injury that prevented him from going to the Olympics still stings. It all came down to the matter of an unselfish choice.  Seeing all the hard work sink to the bottom after Stephanie personally coached him to the Olympic Swim Team. He chose to save a life that resulted in an injury. His Olympic dreams were shattered. He would never recover in time to compete. 
Losing C.J. Parker to a rocker tattooed type she had just met and quickly married during her vacation trip to Mexico. She never came back and later informed him of the news. He was frustrated and took it hard. 
Later he met a new lifeguard named Lani McKenzie. That haunting fear of losing her the way he lost C.J. resurfaced when Lani was chosen for an Inside Sports magazine shoot and cover. Cody feared that she would never come back. The way C.J. never came back. Although Cody had managed to make the first move to land Lani, his hard work to keep the relationship became strained when Lani found a job as a dancer. Despite Cody's visits to New York to see her, the relationship ended in what he feared most: Lani leaving him for a dancing career on the stage. 
Temperament: Pleasant and happy. Comfortable with his life and what he does for a living. Can get very vocal and determined when it comes to fighting for what he believes in. 
Attitude Toward Life: Follow your dreams. 
Complexes: His injury preventing him from making the Olympic Swimming Team. Falling in love and then getting dumped.   
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert; loves and cares about people. Loves observing and being around people.   
Abilities: Well trained by Lt. Stephanie Holden, who took Cody under her wing.  Strong and extremely gifted swimmer. Skilled in dangerous waters, swimming techniques and lifesaving tactics. Hard work has made him one of Baywatch's best lifeguards. Has high energy and endurance. Also extremely observant while watching the sand and surf.       
Qualities: Athletic; challenging; charming; dedicated; dependable; fighter; fun loving; hard working; helpful; listener; loving; loyal; observant; patient; protective; reasonable; sensitive; serious; sexy; sporty; strong; stubborn; supportive; sweet; tenacious; thinker; tough; understanding; warm. 
I.Q.: Average